Silence Your Mind and Open Your Eyes.

Silence Your Mind and Open Your Eyes.

How difficult it is to silence our minds in today’s world. Within our American culture, it is much too easy and common to become overwhelmed by busy schedules and deadlines. We find ourselves constantly seeking the next thing rather than appreciating the moment we are in right now. This breaks my heart and unfortunately, I am every bit as guilty as the next guy.

It is much too easy to be influenced by the Go-Go-Go culture we live in. And much too often, this way of life causes us to lose sight of what makes life beautiful. We must allow ourselves the opportunity to step away from our busy schedules in order to take in the world around us. An elderly man reaching down to take his wife’s hand because even after all the years together, they are still as in love as the day they met. A small child on their parent’s shoulders whose face holds the innocent joy of one who has not yet been influenced by the world. A woman wearing checkered pants and circle glasses, sitting on a bench with her dog in her lap, just taking in the sun and understanding that life isn’t about being too serious, and a dog is the most loyal of friends. Often these simple narratives go by unnoticed, which is extremely sad. With our busy schedules we find ourselves unable to appreciate the small, everyday things that give life its splendor. We must allow ourselves the opportunity to absorb the world around us and if we can do this, we will be amazed at the many different ways our hearts can be moved.


With that said, I understand how terrifyingly simple it is for our minds to get clouded with daydreams of graduating, getting a good job, getting a raise, getting a bigger house…etc. In today’s culture it seems that we seek not for happiness but for the material, earthy goods we believe will bring us happiness. And worst of all, we constantly compare ourselves to others and what they have that we don’t. We do not understand that finding happiness has nothing to do with the outside but everything to do with what is within us. Once we realize this, I feel it will be a little easier to tear ourselves away from thoughts of future. We will make time to enjoy life’s simple splendors. We will begin to recognize that happiness comes not from material goods, but from the beauty that lives within each unique person, situation, or place you encounter throughout your day.

So my challenge to those of you reading, and to myself, is to silence your minds and open your eyes to those small, everyday things that give life its splendor.








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