8 Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage.

8 Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage.

“I am satisfied that happiness in marriage is not so much a matter of romance as it an anxious concern for the comfort and well-being of one’s companion. Any man who will make his wife’s comfort his first concern will stay in love with her throughout their lives and through the eternity yet to come.” – Gordon B. Hinckley


Today marks exactly two months of marriage for my husband and I. And though it has been amazing, I will admit that not every day is perfect. We are simply two imperfect people coming together, bringing with us our own insecurities, fears, and faults. We are only human. Maybe from an outside point of view it seems as though our life is perfect, but the reality is that life is challenging.

Marriage is very similar to life; it is beautiful, yet difficult. Love is a choice you must make every morning. So are patience and empathy. I believe being married to someone is the ultimate test of love and commitment. Even though life is full of busy schedules, inconveniences, and frustrations, it is important to put marriage first.

In our first couple weeks of marriage, I will admit that I was shocked by how much of an adjustment life as husband and wife would be. For 23 years of my life I had been an independent woman, who didn’t need no man (i.e., lets get this straight, though I didn’t need a man, I wanted a man and was waiting patiently for the right one). Changing my daily schedule was a bit of an adjustment, but one I have loved every minute of. Waking up next to my best friend each morning is the best part of my day.

When you commit to a life with someone, you acknowledge that despite the challenges life may bring, being together is priceless. In the midst of all life’s craziness, you chose that person to be the one who hugs you during each of life’s joys and who holds you during each of life’s sorrows. Each day that you spend together is special, because it is another day awaiting memories to be made and love to be shared.

This past Sunday at church, my husband and I were presented with a few marriage tips by an older and wiser gentleman. Below I have listed 8 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage in the midst of life’s craziness. These are simple tips aimed at increasing the loyalty and commitment within your marriage.

  1. Make each other and your marriage a priority.

  2. Keep your promises and commitments.

  3. Speak highly and positively of each other. Even if co-workers or friends are venting about their relationships, think about all the reasons you love your partner. Remember that you chose them, along with both their admirable traits and those that get under your skin.

  4. Be involved in the things that are important to your spouse.

  5. Help make decisions together, as a team, especially ones concerning finances and those that need to be made together for each person to feel considered, valued, and part of the team that is working towards your family’s dreams.

  6. Don’t correct or be overly critical of each other in public. Resolve your issues in private and keep them between the two of you.

  7. Don’t look lustfully at others outside of your marriage.

  8. Defend your spouse.





  1. October 5, 2018 / 3:56 am

    Some wise words! I’d add that taking 60 seconds (all 60 seconds) to hug each other when arriving home from work helps put things in perspective…

  2. phoward336
    October 5, 2018 / 5:47 pm

    I love #3 – I see so many people bashing their spouse and it makes me quite sad!

  3. Nicola Lavin
    October 5, 2018 / 6:06 pm

    Congratulations on 2 months off marriage. I loved the sentence getting up wake up every day bedside your best friend. That’s how I feel too.

  4. October 5, 2018 / 6:30 pm

    Great words to live by. Thank you for the reminders. Married next month 38 years! Always good to hear, though.

    • October 5, 2018 / 6:37 pm

      Congratulations on 38 years of marriage, that is truly awesome 🙂

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