Dreaming Is Different For Everyone.

Dreaming Is Different For Everyone.

Over the years, I have learned that everyone is different and is on different journeys or walks of life. Of course, everyone says this and I knew it to be true, but when I was younger, I just always went through the ‘normal’ (normal for me) motions of life and thought that everyone was doing the same. For example, growing up, I had no idea that some kids that were the same age as me didn’t go to school. I didn’t realize that not everyone went to college. I just assumed that everyone went to school, including college, graduated, and started careers. There were no other options, right?

Boy, was I wrong! Although I did go on a more traditional walk of life (at least, so far), I now understand that it’s not THE walk of life that everyone goes on. Every single person has a different mindset, a different passion, and a different journey. It is almost offensive when the first thing a lot of people ask is “where did you go to college.” Although I did go to college and now I am in grad school, what if I didn’t go? How would they respond if I said that I didn’t go?

This is why I believe that people need to be more open-minded. Not everyone has the same goal in life. For some, their goals are to become a mom and raise good children. You guys – this is a challenging job and I give all the props to stay at home moms! Other people want to go to school for a good chunk of their life, in order to help people as doctors. Once again, I give all the props to these people because being a doctor is a much-needed career and it is not an easy one, at that. Then, you have the people that are still trying to figure out what they want to do, or maybe they took another path such as a musician, or artist. Each and every path is important and serves a purpose in this world – we just have to be open enough as a community to see this!


If you are branching out from the “traditional” path, or if you are struggling to figure out what path is right for you, I want to cheer you on. You’ve got this and you will figure it out! That’s why today, I want to help you figure out the path that best suits you. Here are sure tips to follow, in order to follow the path that will make you thrive:

Know what you are good at

When you are trying to figure out your path, first think about what you are good at. Is it math? What about writing? Photography? List out all of the things you are good at and then figure out what you love, as well. This is extremely important because if you do what you love, “you will never work another day in your life.”

Comparisons only hurt

Please, do not compare yourself to others, or listen to other opinions about your life. To put it simply – who cares what anyone else says or thinks as long as you are happy and thriving. Right? “As you attempt to follow your biggest career aspirations, there are going to be detractors who belittle your goals or voice their doubts. To be successful, you need to block out the negative noise and focus on your personal journey. “You’re going to get a lot of people in your life who think it’s very cool and exciting,” Osborne said. “You’ll also have people who think it’s dumb and that you’re wasting your time. Watching these people make a lot of money in traditional careers while you scrape and suffer for the first couple years is going to be difficult. You have to have emotional toughness to deal with this.” By worrying about your path and happiness, rather than the success of other people in more traditional careers, you’ll be better off. Speak to your close supporters and think positive thoughts,” according to Business News Daily.

Only you can make your life better

Only YOU have the possibility to make your dreams come true and to make yourself happy. Each and every day is up to you – it’s what you make of it. You choose to wake up on the right or wrong side of the bed. You choose to have a positive attitude and you choose what you are going to do with your life. Do not let anyone else say otherwise. You’ve got this because you have the ability to make it happen for yourself!

Go after your dreams!

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you chase your dreams and live a good, happy, and thriving life. If you want the stay-at-home mom life, go for it! If you want to have your own business with a big sign in front of your store, reach for the stars and make it happen for yourself. Speaking of signs, if you do need one, I just came across a company called East Point Foundry, which was established in 1948 and headquartered in East Point, Georgia. They, in fact, make lettering for corporate offices and/or government institutions. East Point Foundry says, “We all know instinctively a business or institution with half lighted signs, or chipped letters does not respect its own image. East Point Foundry enjoys the process of transforming basic signage and lettering into works of art which command respect. As a foundry established since 1948 in Atlanta, Georgia East Point Foundry has helped thousands achieve the perfect lettering, whether Bronze, Cast Metal, or Plastic, based on theme and applications.” They also hand-craft high-quality cast bronze and aluminum plaques for building signs, corporate facilities, donor recognition and memorials for schools, churches, and private organizations. So, if you do go the route of owning your own business, I would highly recommend checking out East Point Foundry for your lettering, nameplates, and architectural needs.


Leave your thoughts and comments below. I would appreciate any tips you have to offer…or share your own life journey 🙂


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