How to Avoid Comparison

How to Avoid Comparison

I feel like all to often we become obsessed with the social media world. We stress about followers and likes, believing our worth comes from thousands of strangers rather than God and those closest to us. We spend more time thinking about captions and how to edit photos than we do reaching out to others.

I am guilty of this. I so badly wish I wasn’t but I am.

I started this blog with the intention of being myself; of being 100% me no matter what those around me were doing. But as I get more involved in the blog and the advertising that goes with it, I find myself constantly losing sight of me. I consistently find myself consumed by comparison and discontent.

I realize that just because my life doesn’t seem as glamorous as the lives of others I see on social media (even though I know social media mostly shows the highlights of people’s lives and not the everyday struggles they face), does not mean I have nothing to offer. MY INDIVIDUALITY IS MY STRENGTH and the only thing I need to offer the world.

And the beautiful thing is, everyone has different strengths and I think it is time we recognize where our true power comes from.

Its time to stop looking at others and comparing. We need to stop asking questions like: “why can’t I be more like that person,” “why can’t I be skinnier,” “why can’t I be smarter,” etc. Questions like these take over our mind and hinder us from realizing our true worth. Questions like these are the ultimate cause of unhappiness because unhappiness comes from focusing on what we don’t have rather than appreciating what we do.

Did you get that? Unhappiness comes from focusing on what we don’t have rather than appreciating what we do. The more we compare ourselves to others, the less content we will be with our own lives.

What I realize now is that everyone is built differently. No one is the same and we were never meant to be the same. I mean, how dull would that be if everyone was the same? No one ever achieved anything great by being like everyone else. So rather than look at others and compare, it is time we get to know ourselves better, learn our limits, and enhance our strengths. We need to get to know ourselves so we can truly illuminate the world with our individuality. Because individuality is our greatest strength.

And if I am being honest, I still struggle with comparing myself to others. I tear myself down constantly for not being more than I am. But how silly is this? Tearing ourselves down in the pointless pursuit of trying to be something we were never meant to be. That is like a spatula wanting to be a whisk…it just does not make sense. That was never what it was designed to be. Our purpose was never meant to be the same as someone else’s. When we compare, we lose our ability to touch others because we are too preoccupied with tearing ourselves down.

With that said, try and take a step back. Spend time getting to know yourself. Invest time in building your strengths. Forgive yourself for your faults. And most importantly, truly start to love yourself for who you are RIGHT NOW, because God made you exactly as you were meant to be. Rejoice in it and bless the world with your individuality.

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