To The Girl Who Believes Her Dreams Are Impossible.

To The Girl Who Believes Her Dreams Are Impossible.

Does anyone else find it truly incredible how much great information and content exists on the internet nowadays? There is an endless supply of great and varying content out in the world. Social media has made information more accessible than ever. Any information you could ever want is right at your fingertips and there is no shortage of it.

As I scroll through Instagram, at first I feel completely inspired, like… “you go get it girl! Keep doing you do and sharing your message.” But just as instantly as the inspiration comes, it goes and it is replaced by feelings of defeat and fear.

How can I possibly make a difference in a world where there are already so many people doing their thing and changing the world? Why would anyone listen to me when there are people with more influence pursuing a message or dream similar to my own?

But then it hit me. Just because someone else might be sharing the same message or chasing a similar dream, doesn’t make your story, your dream, any less legitimate or needed. People need to hear your words because they are coming from YOU; they are yours.

You can’t judge how big an impact your story will have on the world! For some, your story may truly resonate; your words may be just what they need to hear. And because those words are your own, coming from within your own mind, they are unique; they are different.

Your dream and purpose are not reliant upon a certain number of followers or likes. Your dream and purpose are reliant upon the work you are willing to put into sharing your dream with those around you, despite what others are doing.

No one person is the same. No one dream is the same. No one Instagram account is the same, etc. Other people and other platforms may share similar content, but no one can steal the words housed within your own mind. No one can live the exact life you lived, with the same exact experiences. Your story is 100% unique; it can never be replicated.

Lets take a second and look at a fruit salad. And you may be thinking, how in the world does a fruit salad apply to this? “How?” you ask, well let me explain…a fruit salad is composed of varying fruits of all shapes and sizes. This variety of fruit is essential to creating a balance of color and texture. I mean, how boring and dull would it be if that fruit salad were made up of only bananas. You would definitely get sick of bananas. Or maybe you are allergic to bananas; then you certainly do not want to take a bite. Or maybe bananas are not your favorite fruit, what if you prefer strawberries?

What I am getting at here is that no one fruit is better than another. Others may prefer certain fruits. Someone might prefer pineapple to a grape, but that doesn’t take any value away from that grape. At that same moment, someone may be craving a grape; that grape could be exactly what they need. We need a good mix. We need all those different fruits, of all shapes, sizes, and cuts, to create harmony, flavor, and bring color to the world. Similarly, we need your story! We need you and your dream to create harmony, flavor, and bring color to the world!

The world deeply needs the unique flavor and texture

you bring to the table.

You absolutely need to pursue the dream housed within your heart and share your talents with the world. I strongly believe that your dream, that longing in your heart that won’t go away, is your spiritual gift knocking on your chest to be set free to the world.

And though you may fear that you don’t have the strength or you fear what might happen if you choose to pursue it, you HAVE TO PURSUE THAT DREAM ANYWAY! Despite the fears and doubts in your mind, you have the strength within you. The only one telling you don’t is you.

The only one telling you that your dreams are pointless or invalid is you. The only one telling you that no one will listen or take interest in what you have to say or the content you put out is you.

Whatever your dream may be, you need to pursue it. You need to get out of your own way because others need your gift. Others are relying on you to bring your dream to life, because though you may not know it now, your dream is going to bless so many around you.

God wants you to use your dream, your spiritual gift, to not only strengthen and grow yourself, but to overflow and strengthen and bless those around you.

Stop listening to all those negative voices in your head that degrade your dreams. Stop listening to those voices that say your dreams are impossible. Because no matter how impossible a dream may seem at the current time, you are the only one standing in the way of manifesting that dream to the world. You are in your own way, and only when you stop dreaming and start doing, will you be able to grow and bless those around you.

You and only you can bring that dream, your spiritual gift, to fruition. As Rachel Hollis would say, “no one is going to care about your dream as much as you.” And the only way that dream will come to life is through hard work and persistence.

With all that said, I suppose it is time for you to get to it. Start chasing those dreams!! Cut off the voices in your head telling you can’t and let your actions prove to you, you can! I have no doubt whatever your dream is, you will achieve it and man I wish I could be there to see all your faces when you do. You are absolutely incredible and its time to share your gifts with the world!


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