Why Is It Important To Seek Understanding When Faced With Doubt

Why Is It Important To Seek Understanding When Faced With Doubt

A Review of Come Follow Me: July 15-21

How often are we like Peter? How often do we receive revelation, or guidance from God, yet are unsure of what to do with it or how to interpret it? And rather than look at that revelation as a blessing, we begin to doubt our faith and ourselves.

Well folks, this is the opposite of what the Lord desires for us. Doubt is laziness. The Lord provides us revelation expecting us to seek after understanding. He does not wish to leave us discouraged or confused. He has great faith in each of us, which is why he blessed us with a personal guide known as the Holy Ghost. He blessed each of us with this guide so that we can obtain understanding.

But here is the catch…we must be diligent. We must be diligent in search for knowledge and understanding. We can’t just sit around in our PJ’s, binge-watching Netflix and eating Cheetos. No, we must take action.

For example, think back to the revelation Peter received in Acts chapter10. In his revelation, he saw the heavens open up and from the heavens came “all manner of fourfooted beasts of the earth.” And a voice came to him saying “rise, Peter; kill, and eat.” So what did he do? Honestly, he probably did what many of us do when we first receive revelation; he questioned it. He maybe even denied it.

In this revelation, the Lord was asking Peter to go against his previous beliefs. The Lord was asking him to put behind him what he had known and pursue something new, something uncomfortable. Therefore, Peter began to question and from these questions, arose doubt.

He could not make sense of this revelation. But it is important to take note of how Peter responded in the face of doubt. He didn’t simply brush his doubts to the side. He didn’t say, “whatever,” and walk away. No, he actively sought to bring meaning to this message.

Peter actively listened to the Spirit and followed its direction. And in time, the Spirit led Peter to his answer. The Spirit was and is a guide that leads to understanding so long as we listen and act.

But you know what I find to be super awesome about this story… the fact that Peter wasn’t the only one who received revelation and acted upon it. There were three other men in the story who received revelation to seek out Peter. And rather than ignore it, they sought understanding; they sought Peter. And in the end, these three men provided Peter with the clarity he sought and vice versa.

The Lord led these specific men to one another. He had a plan that at the time none of these men could see. But through actively seeking understanding, these men were able to receive greater knowledge from God. Through seeking understanding, these men put their faith into action, which brought them closer to the Lord. And the same can be done for you if you are willing to listen and work.


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