There Is Power Within You

There Is Power Within You

I gaze out the window

At the rustling leaves

The sight of their freedom

Reminds me to breath


I reach out for them

But my reach is cut short

By the thick pane of glass

That has become my fort


I am a prisoner behind

Walls I did not build

A victim of my past

A future I cannot till


Yet something reminds me

Deep down in my heart

This is not an end

But only a start


The life you want to live

Is right within sight

All you must do

Is follow the light.


And this light you must find

It does not come from outside

It comes from within

It comes from inside


Within you there is power

To create a beautiful life

One full of adventure

But also full of strife


For you must understand

The journey is not simple

The storms, they must come

For they are the kindle


They keep your light burning

And ignite deep appreciation

These trials give purpose

They provide affirmation


Your life is a blessing

You are strong beyond reason

So use that strength from within

And let your light shine through this season.


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