About Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to write. Back in the old days, all my writing was done with pen and paper in journals (which mostly consisted of declarations of love for some snotty-nosed boy). It wasn’t until later on in life, I found writing to be a sort of therapeutic release from the struggles of life. It was through writing I found a way to escape, sort out my feelings, and put into words the beauty and trials I experience daily.

I started my first blog in college, while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. It was through the blog that I could tell the stories of my travels. At first, I wrote with the aim of having family and friends back home feel as though they were with me. However, I soon discovered a passion for the freedom blogging provided.

Writing allowed me to find myself. When I wrote, I was free to express my thoughts and my experiences in such a way that allowed my personality to shine through. Blogging became a way to tell my story. The story of my life, my experiences, and where I find inspiration on the daily.

So what is this blog about? I share with you my travel experiences, tips for what to see and do on your travels (specifically what to eat), hikes you must take, how to manage real life, and where I find inspiration.

Things I love: hiking, random dance parties, my husband, food in the form of soft pretzels, dogs, Coke Zero, writing, quotes!

A little about me:

I recently married my high school crush, who I was too shy to even talk to throughout high school. Luckily my first year of college gave me the confidence to approach him…via Instagram. That is right, our first date was arranged via Instagram messaging and we had our first face-to-face encounter at the Fault In Our Stars premiere. We absolutely love hiking and sunsets. I believe music can heal a multitude of problems and that there is a song for every situation. I believe getting out into nature allows you to get a greater respect for life’s beauty. And I believe one-song dance parties (to One Direction’s C’mon, C’mon) can take away all the stress from your body.


Well, now you know a little about me! Please go and click that little Follow button on the right, and follow along with me as we journey through this beautiful and crazy world.


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