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There Is Power Within You

I gaze out the window At the rustling leaves The sight of their freedom Reminds me to breath   I reach out for them But my reach is cut short By the thick pane of glass That has become my…


A Piece of Cake Changed the Way I View Myself.

A piece of cake changed the way I view myself. And I should probably preface this by stating the purpose of this post is not about body image, but rather, self image in general. I feel that as women there…


To The Girl Who Is Not Skinny But Not Plus-Sized.

I don’t feel confident in tight clothes nor do I fee confident in loose clothes. The truth is that I have lived my whole life in this middle, gray area. There are some days when I feel confident in my…


A Two-Day Guide to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks

This past May, Zac and I took a National Park road trip out west to celebrate my masters graduation. It was an incredible vacation and one that I highly recommend to any and everyone! Two of the parks we tackled…


God Loves You Even Though You Are Not Perfect.

As I sat there during sacrament meeting, praying about baptism and the temple, he told me I was silly for thinking I needed to be perfect if I wanted to be close to Him. He told me that I was…


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