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God Loves You Even Though You Are Not Perfect.

As I sat there during sacrament meeting, praying about baptism and the temple, he told me I was silly for thinking I needed to be perfect if I wanted to be close to Him. He told me that I was…


Why Is It Important To Seek Understanding When Faced With Doubt

A Review of Come Follow Me: July 15-21 How often are we like Peter? How often do we receive revelation, or guidance from God, yet are unsure of what to do with it or how to interpret it? And rather…


5 Reasons To Move To Athens, Georgia Right Now

Forget moving to a big city! Athens, Georgia is the place to be. Whether you are looking for family-friendly entertainment, delicious restaurants, or a lively music scene, Athens has something for everyone.  Athens is a small college town, home to…


Fun And Free Ways To Stay Busy This Summer

I absolutely love the summer, but one thing that is not-so-fun is the cost that summer brings along with it. Weddings, baby showers, and bridal showers galore, most of my time is taken up by activities where I have to…


5 Things Every Speech Pathologist Needs

Hey there current, future, and friends of SLPs! This post is for you. As any speechie knows, especially those who work in the schools, there are SO many different materials you can buy (or make) for those kiddos and adults…


How To Survive Going Into The Real World

I remember going through school thinking that it was so hard. All I told myself was that I just had to make it through undergrad and then I would be set – I would be living life and enjoying it…


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