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Peanut Butter Moments

Zac is always telling me to live in the moment, to enjoy what we have and what we have accomplished, rather than instantly moving onto the next thing. That is hard for me. To live in the moment means to…


What is Going On? My Thoughts on the Current Pandemic

What a weird time we are in right now. Everyone keeps asking how I am doing, and the truth is, I don’t know. I am not sure if any of us truly know how to process what is going on.…


There Is Power Within You

I gaze out the window At the rustling leaves The sight of their freedom Reminds me to breath   I reach out for them But my reach is cut short By the thick pane of glass That has become my…


A Piece of Cake Changed the Way I View Myself.

A piece of cake changed the way I view myself. And I should probably preface this by stating the purpose of this post is not about body image, but rather, self image in general. I feel that as women there…


To The Girl Who Is Not Skinny But Not Plus-Sized.

I don’t feel confident in tight clothes nor do I fee confident in loose clothes. The truth is that I have lived my whole life in this middle, gray area. There are some days when I feel confident in my…


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